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Jason C. Joe DDS, Root Canal Specialist in Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, HI


General Information

Patient Testimonials

My many thanks and my appreciation for the excellent care- the best root canal procedure I have received.

Leatrice M.

Everything went fine- no symptoms, no pain.  I really, really appreciate your office and your doctor. 

In short I'm great.  Thank you for raising root canals to the level of art, despite the 'challenging' last molar.

Clarence L.

By the way,  there's been no pain, no jaw discomfort, no Tylenol thanks to your deft procedure. Very impressive. Thanks.

Jim E.

Dr. Joe-

Thanks you so much for your generosity.  It is truly appreciated!  I am confident in  your abilities and grateful you were able to treat me. Much Aloha!  ps- Love your staff!

Lorine L.

Thank you again for everything, Dr. Joe.  You're just awesome!

Aurora A.

Hi Dr. Joe,

I am very happy to report that when the anesthetic finally wore off, I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort to the tooth that you worked on.  I was able to fulfill a work commitment for my friend that same evening and even have dinner with her.  Consider me a VERY HAPPY AND SATISFIED patient of yours!

Aloha and Mahalo,

Eileen A.

Dr. Joe, this is my fourth root canal, and it's the best experience I've had to date.   It's nice to come to such a lovely office with a small family feel versus my previous experiences where it feels like I'm in a root canal factory.   Thanks for your time and attention.

Robert B.

I was almost ready to get an implant- having already had a root canal and a "redo" by another specialist, when my dentist, knowing how I value my teeth, recommended I see Dr. Joe for a consultation. 

Amazing...  Dr. Joe spent time examining the tooth and hearing my concerns.  The next day, he retreated the root canal again.  he discovered a second untreated root and an ancillary branch root.  We definitely "bonded" that day.

Dr. Joe's skills and dedication, the support and assistance offered by Nora and Gail, and the superior technology utilized make an unbeatable combination.  Hope all is well!


Mary M.

Thank you very much for your special care in treating my tooth- your tender touch and concern were really appreciated and the final filling was an extra bonus!!  My gratitude for a job well done.  I'm doing fine and eating well- May you be as happy as you make others!!!  Aloha.

Sue O.

Like most people, I had heard a lot of bad things about a root canal.   But, when my dentist suggested that I needed one, I was scared.  My dentist referred me to Dr. Joe. From the first step into his office, everything was handled with care and professionalism. Everything, from the financial part of the procedure was explained to me before hand. My comfort was Dr. Joe's main concern throughout the procedure. I can honestly say, the anticipation was the scariest thing!  I am completely satisfied with Dr. Joe, his staff and the results.

Rick C.

Dr. Joe is awesome! And his staff is so friendly and efficient.

Truly a great experience !!!


Sarah B.

Thank you soooo much for making the time to see me today, as I was in complete misery yesterday.  I was totally impressed with the "Dr. Joe" experience - from your use of technology in your practice, your thorough and easy to understand explanations, and your masterful technique.  I am now officially a member of Dr. Joe's fan club.  Again, I appreciate everything that you did.

Regan I.

Thanks Dr. Joe !!!  Keep up the good work in paving the way for improved dental care in Hawaii.

Mel H.

Hello from Dublin City!  Really enjoying this beautiful country (Ireland) and delightful people.  Thanks for making the journey "pain free" and seeing me at the last minute.  Aloha!

Ortensia L.

I would like to say thank you for retreating my root canal. You really did a good job and I will recommend you highly to my friends and coworkers.

J. G.